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Watch: Stanton demolishes 2-run homer to give USA lead

The genuine Giancarlo Stanton finally stood adult for Team USA during a World Baseball Classic, and not a impulse too soon.

After Brandon Crawford reached bottom on a two-out singular off Dominican Republic starter Ervin Santana, Stanton stepped into a box Saturday. The round soon left a ballpark, scarcely violation a window in a Western Metal Supply Co. building in Petco Park’s left margin and giving a United States a 4-2 lead.

The round had an exit quickness of 117.3 mph, a fourth-hardest-hit home run given Statcast started gripping lane – in MLB or otherwise. Two of those home runs with a aloft quickness trustworthy also go to Stanton.

Stanton was 1-for-10 entering a game. Through 4 innings, he’s 2-for-2 with a singular and a huge home run. He chased Santana from a diversion with a abrasive blow.

(Video courtesy: MLB.com)

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