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Teammates rib Barbosa over visa issues, late attainment to training camp

While Tristan Thompson holds out on a Cleveland Cavaliers, a team’s 2015 NBA Finals rivals no longer have reason to highlight about a deficiency of one of their possess purpose players.

Leandro Barbosa has finally assimilated a Golden State Warriors‘ preseason training camp, reports the San Francisco Chronicle’s Rusty Simmons, after a haven ensure was hold adult in his local Brazil due to visa issues.

But a 32-year-old veteran’s delayed attainment didn’t shun a rage of his teammates.

“(They) were murdering me,” Barbosa joked.

“They suspicion that we was (in Brazil), only since this was training camp. They suspicion we was carrying fun over there. They’ve been here spiteful in practices, and we was chilling, watchful for a week to pass, since subsequent week is easier.”

Barbosa – who hails from Sao Paulo – endured a 15-hour moody behind to California after his visa-related complications were resolved.

“The other players who have been by it, they know how it goes. But a American guys, they were murdering me.”

Having missed a team’s initial dual days of training camp, Barbosa took his earthy Thursday, and was means to join his using friends on a hardwood Friday.

The Dubs flog off their preseason with a diversion contra a Toronto Raptors on Oct. 5, and strictly commence their NBA pretension invulnerability on Oct. 27 opposite a New Orleans Pelicans.

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