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Spring is in a air: 5 good moments from Saturday’s feign games

For ball fans, there’s no antithesis like open training, that is both a best and a misfortune simultaneously.

Spring training is a best, of course, since it outlines a unaccepted finish of winter and brings ball – gas-throwing, dinger-smashing, uniform-dirtying, holy-moly-we-get-this-every-day-until-November ball – behind into a lives of those who spent a prior weeks and months staring out a window during snow-covered streets. Spring training is a worst, of course, since examination grainy Twitter videos of grown group personification locate gets aged after about 11 seconds, and that five-week widen of definitely incomprehensible games feels perpetual a integrate innings into your favorite team’s Grapefruit League opener.

That said, there were some cold moments Saturday, with all 30 teams in movement for a initial time this spring. So, though serve ado, let’s demeanour during 5 good things that happened in today’s line-up of already lost games.

Kershaw drinks Cabrera’s melkshake

Clayton Kershaw, who finished fifth in National League Cy Young voting in 2016 notwithstanding starting usually 21 games, has been creation hitters recur their life choices for years, and it was Melky Cabrera‘s spin Saturday during Camelback Ranch, where a six-time All-Star done him demeanour stupid on a 2-2 curveball in a initial inning.

Bryce to see you!

If a initial image coming of a open is any denote – note: it isn’t – Bryce Harper will some-more closely resemble a 2015 chronicle of himself this year after regressing significantly final season. He full-on busted Sean Gilmartin‘s day with this grievous solo shot.

Edwin shows off new uniform, same aged swing

Edwin Encarnacion, looking all uncanny in his Cleveland Indians jersey, done a clever initial sense during Goodyear Ballpark, rub-down an RBI singular in a initial inning that brought a rip to a eyes of Toronto Blue Jays fans.

Sandoval-iant effort

It’s not open training unless we’re ceaselessly pontificating about Pablo Sandoval‘s weight/conditioning, so here we go: in his initial central Grapefruit League at-bat, a newly svelte third baseman forsaken down a bunt, of his possess volition, and looked flattering damn good busting it down a line.

Phillies travel off a Yanks

The reconstruct is over! Well, OK, maybe not, though a Philadelphia Phillies did conduct a day’s many sparkling victory, walking off a New York Yankees with Brock Stassi‘s singular adult a center in a bottom of a ninth.

(Videos courtesy: MLB.com)

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