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Raptors boss Ujiri explains Ibaka move: ‘Our group indispensable a boost’

The Toronto Raptors finally addressed their long-standing need for a starting energy forward.

Raptors boss Masai Ujiri announced a merger of Serge Ibaka from a Orlando Magic in sell for Terrence Ross on Tuesday.

“We’re happy to have a actor of this caliber,” Ujiri pronounced during a press discussion confirming a move. “We’ve kinda looked for this kind of actor for a while. He gives a group a good boost where we are right now, and we’ll see what it brings us.”

“Trades are tough to do. He’s a man that we’ve always had a eyes on. Obviously other teams do too, and Orlando had him for a while. we consider a group indispensable a boost, to be honest.

“We’re during that indicate where everybody knows that it’s not rocket science, that (the energy brazen spot) was a blank integrate in a group … We indispensable a integrate of guys in that position, a primary man in that position, and he’s one of a improved energy forwards in a league.”

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Ibaka, a four-time blocks personality and three-time All-Defensive First Team performer, total to container in as a starting energy brazen with Patrick Patterson as his backup. Ibaka is a proven playoff performer, a able shot blocker, and can widen a building over a 3-point line.

The merger spells an finish to poultice solutions. The Raptors have auditioned a likes of Pascal Siakam, Lucas Nogueira, Jakob Poeltl, and Jared Sullinger during energy brazen – any have proven to be injured in their possess way. Ibaka and a healthy Patterson can now comment for a peculiarity 48 mins during a four, while Ibaka might also see time as a core in certain matchups.

Adding Ibaka also lines adult easily with a Raptors’ stream window for contention, with a likes of DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry precisely in their prime.

“With where we are as a team, honestly, a team, a coaches, where Kyle and DeMar are, a organization, fans – it’s a good boost for us to have and see if he can move us some good movement and see where it takes us,” Ujiri said.

Through 56 appearances with a Magic, Ibaka binds averages of 15.1 points, 6.8 rebounds, and 1.6 blocks while sharpened 39 percent from low and 73 percent within 3 feet of a hoop.

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