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Going back-to-back: Why Cubs will be 1st repeat champs in 17 years

The Chicago Cubs know a tiny something about violation prolonged streaks.

Baseball hasn’t seen a group repeat as World Series champion given a New York Yankees achieved a attainment for 3 loyal seasons between 1998 and 2000.

But Chicago, uninformed off of securing a initial universe championship given 1908, stands a best possibility during pulling off a double for a initial time given a millennial Bronx Bombers – for 3 graphic reasons:

Full Season of Schwarber

The Cubs valid though a doubt they were a best group in ball final season, mostly though a services of slugger Kyle Schwarber.

Schwarber – who tore his ACL in usually a second diversion of a 2016 debate – was suspicion to be out for a rest of a deteriorate until he done a supernatural lapse usually in time for a World Series.

The 23-year-old’s quip sparked both a Cubs and his possess bat, as a hybrid catcher/outfielder went on a tear, slicing .412/.500/.471, despite in a tiny representation distance of 17 at-bats. Prior to that, Schwarber’s entrance year in 2015 showed everybody he was prepared for a large leagues, and he’ll now denote his loyal value to Chicago in his initial full season.

Heyward hits his stride

Not usually were a Cubs though Schwarber final season, though they were effectively blank Jason Heyward‘s descent contributions, too. Though Cubs fans knew Heyward took to a margin daily by trait of a No. 22 on his back, we couldn’t censure them for feeling lied to, as a outfielder was distant from a actor he was advertised as in a offseason.

Signed to an eight-year, $184-million agreement final winter, Cubs fans approaching they were removing a Heyward that slashed .293/.359/.439 with 13 home runs and 23 stolen bases with a St. Louis Cardinals a deteriorate prior. Instead, Heyward’s bat dead to a balance of a .230/.306/.325 condense line, mustering usually 7 home runs and 11 steals.

Already, Heyward has shown he’s operative tough during finding a descent game he was famous for during his early days with a Atlanta Braves. By a time a deteriorate begins, Heyward should have rejuvenated his pitch completely, ideally permitting him to be a hazard he was approaching to be.

Stagnant competition

Though they mislaid a few pivotal pieces this winter, Chicago didn’t mount idly by. The bar sealed outfielder Jon Jay to equivalent a detriment of Dexter Fowler, while Wade Davis – who won a World Series in 2015 with a Kansas City Royals – transposed Aroldis Chapman in a closer role.

The Cubs’ competitors, meanwhile, might tumble behind, again.

The Los Angeles Dodgers stayed really most a same, with Logan Forsythe a usually change to a lineup that took Chicago to 6 games in a NLDS. The Cardinals combined Fowler, though will need distant some-more to replace a universe champs in their possess division. The Washington Nationals don’t have a bullpen, a San Francisco Giants miss depth, and a New York Mets combined … nobody.

The Boston Red Sox mount to be a biggest barrier in a Cubs’ path, though by a time they accommodate in a Fall Classic, all bets are off.

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