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Freeman vehement to respect mom during WBC: ‘I wish to play good for Canada’

When Freddie Freeman announced his goal to play for Canada during a arriving World Baseball Classic this past January, it came as a bit of a startle until a Atlanta Braves slugger pronounced he done a preference to respect his late mother.

Both of Freeman’s relatives are Canadian, and he’s been though his mom given a age of 10 when she upheld divided since of melanoma, though being given a eventuality to respect her during a eventuality is a proud, though nerve-wracking impulse for a 27-year-old.

“I’m substantially going to feel nerves that we haven’t felt personification a ball diversion for a prolonged time,” Freeman told Mark Bowman of MLB.com. “I wish to play so good for Canada and to respect my mother. It’s going to be really fun and exciting. Hopefully we can play some-more than 3 games, though if it usually lasts 3 games, it will substantially be a best 3 games we knowledge until we get behind to a playoffs.”

Freeman and a Canadians have a high sequence in front of them if they wish to allege past a event’s first-round interjection to being slotted into a joint with a reigning champions, a Dominican Republic, as good as a built U.S. patrol and Colombia, that is fronted by starters Jose Quintana and Julio Teheran.

No matter what a outcome, or how most additional work he might have to put in, Freeman is prepared to give it his all in sequence to respect his mom and make his father – who will be in assemblage – proud.

“I can contend this and that about traveling, though this is all about honoring my mom, and I’ll do anything to do that,” Freeman said. “Every year, it’s about honoring my mom in some kind of way. To be means to do this, it’s going to be an romantic day. Having my father in a stands is substantially a cherry on top. I’m certain he never suspicion one of his sons would be wearing a Canadian uniform.”

Freeman finished a 2016 debate as one of a tip hitters on a Braves, slicing .302/.400/.569 with 34 home runs, 91 RBIs, and 43 doubles.

He’s also attack an considerable 8-for-16 during open training, with an OPS of 1.092.

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