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Earnhardt would cruise timid if he won NASCAR Cup title

Dale Earnhardt Jr. would cruise retirement if he won his initial NASCAR Cup pretension this season.

Earnhardt, who missed half of final year since of another concussion, says he competence travel divided if he won a championship in his quip season. Earnhardt reiterated during Daytona 500 media day Wednesday what he pronounced a day progressing on a “Dan Patrick Show” on NBC Sports. Junior pronounced he was vocalization tongue in impertinence initially, though done it transparent he would cruise job it quits if he won his initial Cup title.

“Hell, yeah, man,” he said. “I would unequivocally not wish to come behind and try to competition anymore if we won a championship. we would be outta here. I’ve always wanted to win a championship so badly, and entrance behind from this injury, we worked so hard, so to come behind this year and win a championship, it would be tough not to hang it up.”

Earnhardt combined that this is a final year of his agreement with Hendrick Motorsports. He is putting off negotiations while he completes his return.

“I would like to competition more, though if we win a championship, I’d have to cruise going out on top,” he said. “I mean, we don’t know. It only unequivocally depends on a lot of opposite things. we pronounced that a small tongue in impertinence yesterday, though we would unequivocally cruise it. That’s a final box we don’t have checked really. There’s a few races I’d like to win, though a championship would unequivocally be a topping on a cake for my career.”

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